Thank you for reaching out to connect with us!

Pain Advocacy Coalition #RiseUp is dedicated to assisting the pain community to effectively use collaborative tools, social media strategy,  collaborate, and amplify a cohesive, unified message through eAdvocacy.

If you are reaching out to us to connect with information about current issues impacting the pain community, eAdvocacy tips or suggestions, announcements, upcoming events, opportunities to blog/ vlog about your eAdvocacy journey or current issues, please shoot us an email! 

Due to liability, we can not respond to emails seeking personal, medical or legal advice.

You can connect with us on Twitter or Facebook in lieu of emailing, or leave us a comment on one of the blog posts!

At this juncture, it is taking the bulk of our existing manpower to roll out our the website and curate our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages!

We would love to dialogue with everyone through email, but unfortunately, we do not have the manpower to dedicate to that task currently.

Not that we wouldn’t love to do that, but Twitter is where we can really connect any time, night or day!

And, we build a larger community online!

It’s a win-win!

Thanks for understanding that we have to prioritize our assets to ensure success!

We hope to see some of that “moxy” you pour out in your emails to us, out there on our social media platforms informing the public.

We hope that the pain community will come together to galvanize and speak with one loud voice in unity, through social media platforms like Twitter, to augment the pain community’s message.

As many have suggested “we must get out of our echo chamber” and to some extent, in reality, email is just another echo chamber.

Thanks for dedicating your efforts to raising public awareness and reaching out to policy makers, special interests, oversight agencies, healthcare providers, third-party-administrators, and the public where they can be found, and that primarily is on Twitter and Facebook.

This is a call to everyone to join us on Twitter under the hashtag #RiseUp and connect!

Thank you for supporting the Pain Advocacy Coalition!

We are deeply grateful for your support!